It's a wrap!

We're finished with the shooting (all 12 episodes), we're starting post-production.

First session in space!

The first shooting session for Panic in Space went so well! Thank you so much to Frédérique Renda, Bob Levasseur, Guillaume Vanhille and Sacha Brodeur for their outstanding performances! It was so funny.

Last test before first shooting session!

Help! Costumes from the future!

Getting ready!

Preparing the sound stage at Off Studio for shooting our webseries soon.

Meanwhile, on instagram...

What do you mean you're not following us on instagram?

No twitter in space?

In space, nobody can hear you tweet.

Follow us on instagram!

My third post

When will it become interesting?

You want in?

Take part in Panic in Space.

My second post

This is a test.

My first post

Emojis and I.