The future is crap. But where else can we go?

Panic in space!

French webseries by Nicolas Boulenger
In post-production right now


Panic in Space 🚀 is a 12-episode comedy web series that will be broadcast for free on the internet 🌐🐈🍆 one episode per week from October 2021.

It will be shot in Normandy in June 2021, mostly with a green screen 🥬.


The series is written and directed by Nicolas Boulenger, produced by ChezFilms and shot at Studio Off.

The crew is currently being formed.


Far, far future.

Mankind 🌍 has conquered distant galaxies and spread throughout the universe 🚀.

Panic in Space follows the conversations form screen to screen 👨‍💻👩‍💻 between planets, ships and space bases separated by thousands of light years.

Unfortunately, the distance does not help: between interplanetary racism 👽, technology out of control 💾 and a certain existential nostalgia 🥺, it is not easy every day.

But the revolution rumbles...


Space News!

It's a wrap!

It's a wrap! featured image
jeu.29 juillet

We're finished with the shooting (of all 12 episodes), we're starting post-production.

Some pictures from the set:

Thomas Walser Panique dans l'Espace
Thomas Walser was the talkshow host.
Nataliya et Lorena Panique Espace
Lorena et Nataliya were journalists.
PH Debiès came to help set up the dolly shot with Lalao Pham Van Xua.

And of course, Sacha Brodeur and Gains Léon, always on the deck.

We're starting post-production!

First session in space!

First session in space! featured image
From left to right: Guillaume Vanhille, Léa Delferrière, Sacha Brodeur, Bob Levasseur and, center, Nataliya Hrynchyshyn.
mer.19 mai

The first shooting session for Panic in Space went so well! Thank you so much to Frédérique Renda, Bob Levasseur, Guillaume Vanhille and Sacha Brodeur for their outstanding performances! It was so funny.

Chatting between takes:

From left to right, Guizmo, Nataliya, Bob and Sacha.

Frédérique Renda was Lily Kermouflet:

Frédérique with Lea behind the camera.

Bob Levasseur was Hal:


Guillaume Vanhille was Danny:

Guizmo and behind: Gains, Léa et Nicolas.

And Sacha Brodeur was some random cop looking at the time:

Sacha and Frédérique.

Next session starting on thursday.

Last test before first shooting session!

Last test before first shooting session! featured image
mar.11 mai

In the future, you turn on everything by pointing at it. You'll get it when you see the show.

Shooting starts on Friday. Updates coming soon.

Help! Costumes from the future!

Help! Costumes from the future! featured image
ven. 7 mai

We need help to create costumes from space! Essentially, it means pimping up some old clothes with stuff. Normandy. Expenses and small budget. Contact us!

Getting ready!

Getting ready! featured image
Preparing the sound stage at Off Studio for shooting our webseries soon.
ven.23 avril

Looks great! Thanks to Off Studio for welcoming us on their new stage!

Meanwhile, on instagram...

Meanwhile, on instagram... featured image
lun.12 avril

What do you mean you don't follow us on instagram?

No twitter in space?

No twitter in space? featured image
jeu.25 mars

A dedicated twitter account is too much work after all.

I'll just use my regular twitter account and when we're millionnaires, we'll hire a slave to create a separate account.

OH SHOOT! I almost forgot the emojis! Today, I've decided they would have no meaning whatsoever:


Can you decipher the secret message? (Answer: there is none)

Follow us on instagram!

Follow us on instagram! featured image
sam.20 mars

It's over here!

My third post

mer.17 mars

So, do you plan on publishing interesting news stories at some point or will it stay like that?

My second post

mar.16 mars

This is a test.

Please, do not read.

(And even less when it's between parentheses 😡)